Innovation Strategy Development

This module builds upon the innovation-focused strategic leadership module by providing a deeper introduction into the innovation portfolio approach and how it can be used to ensure that the organisation concentrates on the right innovation initiatives so as to achieve strategic impact. This will be explored from an internal perspective that focuses on management issues, and an external perspective that focuses on the strategic implications of competing new and existing industries. The implications of start-up and existing organisational innovation approaches will also be examined in order to appreciate what it takes to effectively respond to the forces of change and, where possible, to drive that change. In order to understand the importance of embedding the specific goals of innovation efforts in the context of market dynamics, customer demands and brand positioning, students will be exposed to the theory and practice of knowledge and intelligence management. Other topics include the importance of comparative and benchmarking information for improved innovation performance. Students will also be familiarised with the concept of design thinking in innovation processes, a key tool to be deployed inĀ future modules.