Ideation Management, Creative Design, Prototyping & Testing of Concepts

The key objective of this module is to enable students to appreciate the complexity of the ideation management process – from creative, innovative, design thinking methods, to prototyping and concept testing. In order to understand the innovator’s mindset, specific reflective activities will be integrated into the module structure with special emphasis on how thinking occurs in the creative mind and organisation, as well as selected, decision-oriented thinking frameworks. This will form the basis for appreciating the power of effective new idea formation and innovation management tools in order to recognise and pursue opportunities for innovations. Participants will learn how best to effectively structure the process of creating new ideas (ideation) so that the best product and service ideas are harnessed and create real value for customers and the business.
Critical components of this module include design thinking (including tools and frameworks) and concept development as practiced by product development teams, creative units or ‘skunk works’. Students will learn to think about design with the end market and business in mind in order to create real value. Design thinking can be described as an individual-centred innovation process based on observation, collaboration, learning, visualization and concept and business development. Several tools and frameworks will be introduced that allow initial design ideas to be carried through the concept development process to result in prototypes and feasibility assessments. The design thinking segment is the foundation for the creation of new products, services and businesses.